Should We Invite Kids to our Wedding?

Children can be a beautiful addition to weddings. A blessing. They are a source of happiness, joy, and pleasure for their parents. Weddings with kids invited are sure to be lively and full of fun.

However, having a wedding with kids invited or not remains a big question with which many people struggle. Here we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of weddings with kids to help you decide.

Pros of Weddings with Kids Invited

Following are some of the pros of weddings with kids:

  • Taking the kids to the weddings can help them learn how to behave in public. They know how to eat in public, interact with other people and know about the customs and traditions.
  • Weddings with kids can fill the venue with life. The sight of kids playing at the wedding venue is very jovial and festive.
  • Photos at weddings with kids are stunning and full of family. Kids add that extra cuteness and multi-generational culture to the photos that you will cherish forever. Plus, it’s fun to see how the children at the time of the wedding grow and change.
  • Arranging weddings with kids can be cost-effective also. Kids are not into eating much and that is why you can save a lot of money on refreshment while filling your venue with more people.
  • Kids can get to know their family members closely. Weddings are a festive occasion for kids to develop an emotional relationship with family members, with grandparents, cousins and other relatives.

Cons of Weddings with Kids Invited

The cons of weddings with kids are listed below:

  • Kids at the weddings, if not controlled, can damage the decoration. They can spread the flowers everywhere and make the venue messy.
  • Inviting kids to the weddings will make the venue look crowded. They will run here and there and make everything less organized.
  • If you allow the kids to the weddings, be ready for the wastage of a lot of food. Kids waste a lot of food rather eating. They can also destroy and damage table settings and other items.
  • Kids at the weddings can make the parents frustrated and they get very little chance to interact with their relatives, friends, and other people. Also, kids often require some sort of activity you might not be prepared to offer.
  • Some parents might be offended that their children are not invited. They are put in the position of having to get a babysitter or decline the invitation. Though many people do understand, sometimes this can cause awkwardness.

These are some of the pros and cons of inviting kids to your wedding. If you intend to allow the kids to a wedding, make sure you know all the pros and cons of it. Weddings with kids invited are totally dependent on your own choice. If you plan to not allow them, you can have a well-organized and nice event with tons of opportunities for enjoyment and interaction.

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