Pros and Cons of Outdoor Weddings – What You Need to Know

Outdoor weddings are very popular, especially during the summer time. The scenic views can make the event beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. However, there are some drawbacks attached with it too. Before you decide whether to go for an outdoor wedding or not, take a look at the pros and cons of outdoor weddings below.

Pros of Outdoor Weddings

The following are the positive elements to consider of outdoor weddings:

You can Choose Any Place

There is no restriction on which place you choose for the wedding except for government protected land. Whichever place you choose, you can get as much or less space you want. You can choose the place you first met with your partner or where you first went together for a date. However, just make sure that it suits all your requirements.


An outdoor wedding is more versatile as compared to an indoor wedding. You have a lot of space for free movement and decoration. You can choose different themes, use different props and any other thing that you feel can make your wedding more beautiful and special. However, at certain places, you cannot damage the natural habitat which you should keep in mind.

Picturesque Views

Stunning Outdoor Wedding Space in Maryland

One of the biggest advantages of choosing an outdoor wedding is the breathtaking locations. Not only does this offer stunning photo opportunities, but it will add a lot of charisma to the event. People will remember the wedding for a long time. You will also develop an emotional connection with the location.

Cons of Outdoor Weddings

Following are some cons of outdoor weddings:

Documents Required

When considering the pros and cons of outdoor weddings, many people forget about the paperwork. Be ready for some paperwork. There is a lot of legal formality involved in the process. Besides, you would have to travel to the Registrar Office to sign everything and make the marriage binding.




If we didn’t mention budget concerns, than we wouldn’t be touching on all the pros and cons of outdoor weddings. Many people think that an outdoor wedding is free — not so much. You still need to pay the rental charges for the land, then you will need to spend on the shelter or tenting, and traveling expenses cannot be ignored. Besides, the arrangement expenses, food, dance floor, stage, music and other expenses are ready to welcome you. At Milton Ridge, brides often opt for a BBQ-style cuisine which can help bring costs down significantly (and add to the rustic feel that is trending now).

Privacy and Security

Indoor weddings are more private and secure. There are no chances of unwanted people peeking in your privacy and making the guests uneasy. With outdoor weddings, it is not possible to cover all the area and that is why there is very less privacy and security.

Weather Conditions

With outdoor weddings, you have to cope with the weather as well. You cannot avoid rain, dust, sunlight, and access air. This can make your guests open to germs and allergies. You also have to be prepared for the wasps and other insects for being your uninvited guests. The good news is, if you find a venue that has a wonderful outdoor space AND a fabulous indoor option, oftentimes the venue will allow you to make a game-time decision and switch to indoor. At Milton Ridge, our reception hall is available for brides whose first choice is outdoor. That flexibility is important when selecting a venue.

The Winner is…

It is not easy to declare a winner because each type of wedding has its own benefits associated with. If you opt for an outdoor wedding, these pros and cons of outdoor weddings might help you. If you need further advice, please sign up to visit Milton Ridge – one venue where the outdoor and indoor options are equally exquisite!