Maryland Wedding Flowers Guide – Which Flowers to Choose When

Who doesn’t love flowers? Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. They add colors to this world and spread fragrance all around. Your wedding is incomplete without flowers. However, in Maryland wedding flowers can be a tough task. It is important to choose wedding flowers that fit your style, choice, and taste. Here we will discuss flowers you can use according to the season and theme of your wedding event.

Peruvian Lily

For lovers of light colors, Peruvian Lily are the ideal flowers. These are available throughout the year and grow in clusters. These flowers have freckled petals. These are used as an alternative to primary flowers but look bright. These flowers come in different colors like white, yellow, pink, red, lavender, flecked, and purple. These flowers are perfect for making a cost-effective bouquet.


Maryland wedding flowers anemone bouquetAnemone, also known as windflower are unscented flowers. However, these jewels like flowers look as beautiful as any other flower. These Maryland wedding flowers are available in primarily spring season starting from November and lasting until May. Numerous colors like pink, white, purple, magenta, and burgundy are available in these species of flowers. For black and white themed weddings, these flowers in purple color can be the best fit.



Maryland Bouvardia

These delicate flowers have a green stem and clusters of small star-shaped blossoms. Bouvardia are ideal for creating a classic wedding bouquet. When it comes to wedding flowers, especially those native to Maryland, these flowers are the best you can get. Having a faint scent, these are available in peach, red, white and pink color.

Calla Lily

This African originated flower is available in many exciting colors. For a theme wedding, these flowers are ideal because they are available throughout the year. These flowers do not have a scent. They can be used for either decoration or for compiling a bouquet. You can also give these to greet your guests and make them feel relaxed and lucky.


Having a clove-like a scent, carnation are ideal for weddings. These flowers can be used for creating a perfect lush bouquet. What’s awesome about carnations is that they are available in a plethora of colors including, pale pink, dark pink, red, apricot and many others. Plus, available throughout the year, they are an affordable option for wedding flowers.



Maryland Rose

Nothing beats the charm of the roses. Red is a color of happiness and festivity and these flowers are made for this purpose. Their soothing scent creates a peaceful and joyful environment. Be it a wedding function or a reception, these flowers can make the event beautiful.

These are some of the best wedding flower options in Maryland. If you want to give your wedding a unique effect, try any of these flowers. The guests will fell in love with the bouquet as well as the decoration. For those looking for a premiere Maryland wedding venue, book a tour and visit us soon! Dates fill up quickly, and you will not find a better Maryland wedding venue with as many indoor and outdoor options.