2nd marriage weddings, according to research, shows that it is better than the first. Co-habiting makes for a happier life than newly wedded bliss. Couples living together after a failed marriage find their life satisfaction improves for roughly seven to eight years. However, those who get married for the second time see as much as a decade of improvement.

According to the result of a long-term study, couples found that getting married for the second time is best as they have more realistic expectations. The results also showed that most of the couples are cohabiting while only a few choose to get married for the second time. Here are top reasons why a second-time marriage will ensure you’re getting it right this time.

You Have More in Common

Second marriages usually unite mates with similar likes and dislikes. You know yourself better and you discern better what you need in a partner. You understand what the other person requires from you. You find time to know what is common between you two and that can help you create a more long lasting relationship.

You Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations

A less-than-ideal first marriage, can make you realistic. You don’t keep unrealistic expectations, which help you to move forward smoothly with your partner. You both understand the needs of each other. You try to respect the habits of each other which help to promote a better and smooth relation. You also know yourself better, and therefore have more strength to stand up for what you believe in. Your second marriage partner is much more highly vetted this time around!

You Learn to Compromise

The second time, you learn to compromise and you’re willing to look at all angles of a situation. You try to know what the other person expects from you and you try to meet those expectations. In meantime, you get to know the other person better and learn to adjust accordingly. You learn with time that relationships are superior to the personal ego which becomes your bigger strength.

You Value the Time Together

The 2nd marriage wedding makes you realize the worth of the time you spend with your partner. You respect one another’s time and you you value the time you two spend together which is important for the growth of the relationship. In the second time, you are more careful, possessive and concerned towards your relationship.

Oftentimes, individuals who have spent time working on their marriages with previous partners understand the nuances of making a marriage a work. You’re more careful this time around in taking this step, so when you do, you know yourself well enough to trust you’ve found the right person for the long haul.

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